Arippara waterfalls

Start your vehicle and take a long drive to Arippara falls, tucked deep in the Kozhikode district, Kerala, India.

The mighty Iruvanji river cascades down the rocky hills to form the gorgeous Arippara waterfalls. This is an eight-level waterfall with Sullukallu, Vattakkuzhi, Nirannapara, Olichuchaattom, Shwasakkuzhi and Neelakkayathadaakam as its companions.

This waterfall is situated around 15 kms from Thiruvambady town in Kozhikode. The name Arippara means ‘rock of rice’ and a lot of small and huge rocks can be seen nearby. Several natural water pools between them make for great swimming experience for tourists, with the pristine water gushing through cracks in the rocks creating a wonderful musical backdrop.

A trip to Arippara falls allows you to feel Kerala’s countryside charm and watch its rich biodiversity. Another popular waterfall named ‘Thusharagiri’ is located nearly 12 kms from this falls.

Arippara is most impressive in the monsoon season when it is in full glory, and showers unending streams of white pearls from its majestic heights. Since this is a lesser-known waterfall, the site is secluded most of the year.

Arippara is one location in God’s Own Country that the Nature enthusiast in you would want to visit. The peaceful environs and the rich greenery amidst huge black boulders make it so enticing that your head will spin with wonder.

Getting there:
Nearest Railway Station: Kozhikode, via National Highway 766, about 47 kms away
Nearest Airport: Kozhikode, via Edavannappara - Airport Rd, about 49 kms away

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